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Wilmer Valderrama thinks his girlfriend Demi Lovato will achieve “mega-stardom”.

The 35-year-old actor and the 22-year-old songstress have been dating for nearly five years.

Demi is currently working on her fifth studio album and Wilmer is convinced she’ll change the world with the new LP.

“I think Demi is on a path for, you know, mega-stardom,” he gushed to ET Online. “I think she’s gonna redefine pop culture in a level that people can’t even expect next year, for sure.”

Demi has recently spoken about plans to completely reinvent her sound in the forthcoming album.

She is committed to challenging herself while composing songs.

“This year, it’s super important to me that I embrace who I am as an artist and to become more authentic to who I am,” she told ET Online. “I want to release music that is different, that I’ve never done before… and that showcases who I am and what I can do vocally. I’m excited to explore with different sounds which is what I’m doing in the studio right now and to see what comes about.”

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Demi is even considering adding more slow jams to her new album.

However, she assured fans there will definitely be some dancy tunes to look forward to.

“You can expect ballads, but it’s all about balance,” Demi said.

Last month Demi released sexy cover art for her next single Cool for the Summer. In the sizzling imagery Demi is wearing a light blue swimsuit and faux fur while sitting on a beach chair in the sand.

Demi first shot to fame in Disney Channel movie Camp Rock before moving into music with her debut record Don’t Forget, released back in…

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