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Not that we have anything against traditional wedding elements — but sometimes it’s nice to see people buck the norm. Which is why, when we spotted Bay Area writer and editor Rebecca Brown’s Sonoma ceremony, we knew every alt-bride out there would appreciate her unique style.From the crop-top gown to the personalized Air Jordans to the balloon bouquet in lieu of flowers, everything about the carnivalesque wine-country celebration was one-of-a-kind.”We were inspired by crazy-fun times meets weekend summer camp, but with really good food and lots of booze,” says Brown. “We threw serape blankets and navy pillows I sourced in Mexico on the ground during the ceremony so people could get cozy, and tried to carry that casual vibe throughout the night.”We have to admit, the wedding looks like a ton of fun. And if you’re toying with some alt-bride ideas of your own, let this slideshow serve as the only inspiration you’ll need. We hope you have your cursor over that Pin It button.

© Photo: Courtesy of Rebecca Brown/Tomáš Záhumenský.

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