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Boo! The best way to celebrate Halloween, other than with treats-inspired cocktails, is by having a drink at one of the most haunted bars in America. Thanks to the nation’s early and violent days of brothels, speakeasies, and gambling halls, the country has no shortage of ghost-inhabited venues. At these old watering holes, disappearing pint glasses aren’t a sign of too much drink, but rather longtime residents, ghosts. Boston Stanza dei Sigari Location: 292 Hanover Street, Boston, MA Ghosts: A dark shadow figure that stands behind people. This cigar bar located in the basement of Caffe Vittoria functioned as a speakeasy in the 1920s and has the most reports of ghostly goings-on in the building. Employees claim to have witnessed plates flying off tables and lights flickering. One waitress said she felt someone standing behind her only to turn around and see a floating black shadow that then flew around the room and straight through a glass door. SyFy show Haunted Collectorfeatured the bar and discovered that, in the late 1800s, it was the site of a baby farm where many children met a horrific end. Photo: Facebook/Stanza Dei Sigari Charleston Blind Tiger Pub Location: 36 & 38 Broad Street, Charleston, SC Ghosts: A hair-pulling ghost; woman in black. Blind Tiger Pub is a former speakeasy from the ’20s and a regular stop on Charleston ghost tours. A visitor from Chicago claims that while she was in the first bar looking at t-shirts hanging on the wall, her hair was pulled so violently that her head was yanked back. One former manager reported that, while closing up the bar, he saw a woman dressed in…

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