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One of the beauty trends that has continued from autumn to winter is ‘glossy skin.’ The key to glossy skin is to express moist skin as though there is moisture coming out from the inside. Then, is there any way to present perfect glossy skin makeup like that of entertainers in the TV at home? Here prepared are the know-hows for natural, stylish glossy skin makeup for those who want to try glossy skin expression without help of a specialist. 3 Points Of Glossy Skin Makeup POINT 1 Flawless Skin The first step for perfect skin expression is to cover flaws on your skin such as blemishes and dark spots. Remember that the charm of glossy skin makeup is maximized by perfect skin without any flaw. POINT 2 Skin Texture The success or failure of glossy skin makeup depends on how you organize your skin texture by base makeup. If you want to have great makeup, you need to take good care of your skin to organize your skin texture. POINT 3 Moisture The core of the glossy skin makeup is moisture. You had better focus on moisturizing and making your skin look glossy in the steps of makeup as well as in the steps of basic skin care to express moist skin as if moisture would come out from the inside of your skin. How To Do Glossy Skin Makeup? STEP 1 Build Firm Moisturizing Film On Your Skin Through Skin Care Build a firm moisture film on your skin through doing thorough skin care before makeup. Organize your skin texture with a cotton ball soaked in skin toner, and thinly apply a moisture cream like sheep oil cream, which is fresh but can perform complex skin care, all over your face. After applying a moisture…

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