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© Provided by The Malay Mail Online Wang Kelian has a population of only about 200 but there are two petrol stations there. ― Malay Mail pic

© Provided by The Malay Mail Online

KANGAR, May 30 — One of the reasons for poor border control at the Malaysia-Thailand border in Wang Kelian is the nonchalant attitude of the authorities in charge of security there.

On Wednesday, photographer Azinuddin Ghazali, journalist S. Arulldas and I took a drive as we wanted to survey the border checkpoint.

The checkpoint is about 4km from Wang Kelian. Before reaching the border, there are two checkposts manned by Anti-Smuggling Unit officers.

Azinuddin asked me to pull over near the checkpost as he wanted to take some pictures of the officers — deemed the frontliners of the anti-smuggling unit — on duty.

He asked the officers if he could snap pictures of them going about their duties.

One of the officers asked Azinuddin what sort of pictures he wanted to take. Azinuddin, fondly known as Bob, replied: “Can you kindly check the cars passing through so that my pictures will be exciting.”

The officer replied: “That’s what we do.”

About seven cars passed and we realised the officer’s definition of checking was merely stopping the vehicles, looking at the drivers and then signalling with a wave of the hand for the drivers to continue their journey.

A frustrated Bob asked the officer if he could inspect the vehicles properly so that he could get a nicer shot.

The officer complied and stopped the next car, a Proton Wira with a Thai vehicle…

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