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During the industrial revolution which started in the 1760’s, the world underwent a huge change with the more widespread use of steam power and machines. Over the past 300 years since, most improvements in technology had been focused on building better and more efficient machines to help grow the global economy.

But, is the past focus on building meaner and leaner machines going to be relevant in the current 21st century?

Many have described our current times as the age of the information revolution – the focus has now shifted to data in terms of its production, collection, management, and interpretation in ways that will be most useful for society as a whole.

There are many companies leading the way in building the infrastructure on the web to serve such purposes and taking charge on the global stage are – just to name a few – firms like Google, Facebook, Baidu, and Alibaba. This raises the question: Which company in Singapore might be the best-positioned for this new world?

It may come as a surprise for some, but the giant telecommunications outfit Singapore Telecommunications Limited (SGX: Z74) could be a strong player in the new economy in the future. SingTel had reorganized its business divisions a few years back to include a Group Digital Life division that’s dedicated solely to investing in businesses focusing on using new technologies. This division has three core businesses in digital marketing, advanced analytics, and premium video content., Singtel’s digital marketing arm, wants to be the leader in “Real Moment Marketing Technology. The company is growing fast with its…

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