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So now that DeAndre Jordan chicken out of being “the man” and went back to being in the shadows of Chris Paul and Blake Griffin, everybody in Hollywood is rejoicing and are now declaring the Los Angeles Clippers contenders in the West.

© Getty Images DeAndre Jordan is back with the Los Angels Clippers. That still doesn’t make them title contenders.

I have some advice for you Clipper Nation – don’t get your hopes up.

While the Clippers were – illegally – hoarding Jordan from the Dallas Mavericks, the Clippers roster didn’t improve. Sure, they traded for and up-and-down Lance Stephenson, but if he couldn’t get his act straight in bible belt Charlotte, do you really think he is going to turn it around in fast-paced L.A.?

To add insult to injury, the Clippers still doesn’t have a bench to compete with the best of the East, let alone the West. Jamal Crawford is still their best option in the second unit, but he is showing signs of wear and tear, and rumors are flying that he may be shipped out of town. If he leaves, who is the next one up? Wesley Johnson?


And then there’s this little golden nugget; the Clippers will be returning a roster that choked away a trip to the Western Conference Finals. That should be comforting to all Clipper fans knowing that your team is good enough to win 54 games during the regular season, but will melt under the hot glow of the pressure-packed playoffs.

So although the Clippers managed to retain their “franchise” center, the team has managed to stay in the wallows of mediocracy. Looking at the roster as it is today, this team is destined…

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