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The biggest sporting news today is without question the sacking of Jose Mourinho. 7 months after winning the English Premiership for the third time, Mourinho was sacked after a terrible season thus far that left Chelsea FC just a point above the relegation zone. With results like that, I don’t think anyone can begrudge Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich’s decision for getting rid of “The Special One”. In fact the question has been why Abramovich took so long before making his decision. After all, the man’s ruthless streak has been well-documented. Carlos Ancelotti was sacked one season after leading Chelsea to the double just because he finished second to Man Utd. Roberto Di Matteo won the Champion League with Chelsea in 2012 and that wasn’t enough to save him from getting the sack in the same year. Chelsea is now fifth from the bottom of the Premiership and 1 point above relegation. Why did Abramovich took so long before making the decision? In simple terms; money! That’s what stood out for me when I heard that Mourinho had been sacked. The man is going to get a £40m payout from Chelsea after getting the sack. With a payout like that, I have to wonder why in the world did Chelsea sack the man at this moment. Chelsea is too far down the table to make a run for the Champions League, much less win the title. There’s not too many players available in the January transfer window, and Pep Guardiola’s contract with Bayern Munich only expire at the end of this season. You can’t win at this moment; can’t buy good players next month; no good replacement for Mourinho; and have to pay him…

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