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Discover the little things you can do every day that could make a big difference to your results – from those in the know ‘Exercising little and often is one of the most effective ways to build activity into your day – no more dashing to make the gym straight after work’ Ever wondered what the most successful people on the planet do every day to keep fit and healthy? If only you could find out, emulate it and become amazing, too. Guess what? You can! We’ve tapped into eight of the greatest fitness minds to discover which daily rituals they complete without fail. And, after spending a fortnight doing 6am sun salutations and chowing down on beetroot crisps, we’ve learnt which tricks work best for optimal living – and they’re much more manageable than you might expect. Ritual 1: 7 minutes of yoga This is the ritual of health guru and Emmy Award winner Dr Mehmet Oz. That’s right, the doc’s secret lies in daily flexibility sessions. He swears by yoga to decrease inflammation, reduce blood pressure and boost weight loss. If a few downward facing dogs can do all that, we’re not complaining. Yoga translates as ‘breath control’. Ushering in the day with full diaphragmatic breathing means you are much more likely to maintain it regularly, and deep inhalation is known to boost cognitive activity, too. So which poses to do? We opted for early-morning warriors, sun salutations and pigeons. This seemed like enough to bend ourselves healthy – and we certainly felt ready to go for the day. Don’t have a second to spare in the morning? Panic not. Nightly downward dogs and cat-cows will…

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