Taxi driver finds relief, donates 1,000 rolls of toilet paper to city | Singapore Informer

INUYAMA, Aichi Prefecture–Clenching his butt cheeks and gripping his steering wheel, a taxi driver roamed the streets in a desperate search for a public restroom. He was so relieved, so to speak, to find one that he later thanked the city with a donation of 1,000 rolls of toilet paper. “I was in an emergency situation, and I felt that I had been saved,” the driver was quoted as saying. “Please make use of these rolls at city parks.” According to a city official, the driver, a resident of Nagoya in his 50s or 60s, was on duty when he felt an urgent need to defecate. The restroom and toilet paper in the city park saved his pants and taxi interior from filth and likely prevented the loss of future fares that day. The toilet paper rolls were delivered to the city hall by Inuyama’s designated supplier earlier this month. “I have never heard of a donation of toilet paper,” said an official at the city’s parks and green spaces division. “We didn’t think one would be so thankful (for toilet paper).”(By RYUZO NAKANO/ Staff Writer)

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