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The fallout and the hilarity stemming from the 2015 Miss Universe pageant hasn’t subsided — and that’s really, really unfortunate for Steve Harvey. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, Steve Harvey is having a really bad day … after having a worse evening Sunday night. While hosting the pageant, the affable funny man mistakenly named Miss Colombia, Ariadna Gutierrez, the winner. So, now donning the sash and crown, there she was, Miss… Oh wait. And then the awkwardness began. “Ok folks, I have to apologize,” the defeated host said as Ariadna waved to the adoring crowd, flowers in hand, believing that she was declared the winner (because she was, albeit accidentally.) “The first runner up in Columbia. Miss Universe 2015 is Philippines.” Ariadna had to simply stand there and literally watch her moment of grace be snatched away from her. Just like that, the crown switched heads and the sash switched continents, now owned by Pia Wurtzbach. And, just like that, the Internet responded as it usually does. Within minutes, Steve became the butt of too many jokes to count, and his face has been on hundreds, if not thousands, of hilarious memes in the hours following his gaffe. “I’d like to apologize wholeheartedly to Miss Colombia & Miss Philippines for my huge mistake. I feel terrible,” he tweeted after the incident. “Secondly, I’d like to apologize to the viewers at that I disappointed as well. Again it was an honest mistake. I don’t want to take away from this amazing night and pageant. As well as the wonderful contestants. They were all amazing.” The two women at the center of the international…

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