Stars Promote “Return of the Cuckoo” on Bus Tour | Singapore Informer

(Hong Kong October 4, 2015) Julian Cheung, Charmaine Sheh and Nancy Sit hopped on a bus to deliver cakes and promote their movie “Return of the Cuckoo” and were welcomed by enthusiastic fans in spite of typhoon. When asked how they would thank the fans if the box office was good, Julian smiled and said he and Nancy might expose their “moons”. Nancy said she had already worn a bikini shirt in the TV version but was not too fat for it, so she’d buy one for Charmaine to wear. On learning that a magazine reported the disagreement between him and Louis Koo, Julian was surprised, “What disagreement? I did not read it. I just talked with Louis on the phone, and I have a long contract to go. So it is impossible.” Charmaine had been seen dining with dates and exiting by the back door. She admitted that she had been too busy at work and now finally slowed down to find time with friends but still she had not found the right man.

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