Sodagreen frontman’s Christmas wish no longer to 'die in peace' | Singapore Informer

(Taipei December 19, 2015) At a singing-and-signing event for their new album “Winter Endless”, the members of Taiwanese band Sodagreen expressed their feelings about the “Endless story” concert, which took place at Taipei Arena over three consecutive nights the past weekend. The concert consumed a huge portion of the band’s budget and allegedly leaves the band poor to the extent that they were left with “nothing to eat but dirt.” Fans accordingly prepared sweets resembling potted plants to thank Sodagreen for their devotion to making the best music regardless of cost, and to celebrate the outstanding sales of their new album and concert. When asked about Christmas wishes, band vocal Tsing-Fong amused the audience by changing his inappropriate-for-Christmas wish “to pass away in peace” to “strive to live on.”

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