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So you finally landed that date. Whether it was through a dating site, swiping right, friends, or the good old fashioned way of at a bar, now it’s time to figure out the “where.” This isn’t as easy as it may seem. Like giving a gift, your date location choice will speak volumes. Here are a few spots around the Charleston area worth considering. Edmunds Oast A date at hot spot Edmund’s Oast will require prior planning outside of just getting a commitment of a day and time. Showing up on a busy night and getting the “it should be about 45 minutes” isn’t a good first impression. Call early and if you are really smart you will ask to sit at the chef’s counter. Not only will you get to see the kitchen in action preparing your meal, but it will surely stimulate conversation during those sometime awkward pauses on a first date. This is true for other good first date spots Monza and Indaco,which also feature counters for viewing their open kitchens. [Chef’s Counters] Sometimes there can be awkward pauses in those first few dates and sitting at the chef’s counter can help reducethe silence. Saddle up to the counter at Edmund’s Oast, Indaco, or Monza for dinner and a show. Be in awe of the line cook’s cutting skills, gasp at skillful pan flippage, ask your partner their opinion on the best looking dish. The vast selection of cocktails, wine, and beer means your date will be able to find something on their menu that they will like. The mixture of snacks, small plates, and full entrees allow you to mix-and-match a meal to each of your food preferences. Not ready for a full meal? Grab a spot at the bar inside or…

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