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The latest statistics from the recent New Zealand 2013 census have been released and while the country population now number over 1.4 million people, only 741 of them are Singaporean Chinese living here.

That’s less than 1% of the total population but not surprisingly nearly 60% of them live in the Auckland area.

21% of Singaporean Chinese living in New Zealand were actually born overseas and the median age of this group is 31.7 pears.

Other interesting facts:

  • Only 8.4% of Singaporean Chinese are regular smokers
  • 27% of them can speak two languages
  • 43% own their own residence in NZ, compared to the half the total NZ population who own theirs
  • Singaporean Chinese are more highly educated than the rest of their NZ counterparts with 43.3% holding a Bachelor’s degree or higher (overall NZ is only 20%)
  • They are more religious than most New Zealanders with 73.3 % of Singaporean Chinese being  affiliated with at least one religion.  Only 55% of the total NZ population are.

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