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SINGAPORE: Under a new framework to develop talent in the human resources sector, practitioners can obtain professional certification that is recognised globally.

This was announced by Manpower Minister Lim Swee Say on Friday evening (Jul 10), at the Singapore Human Resources Institute’s 50th anniversary dinner.

He said the framework will create more career and professional development pathways for those in the sector. It is being developed by a taskforce with representatives from the Government, employers and unions.

The initiative comes under the Sectoral Manpower Plan for human resources, which will be developed by a tripartite committee. The committee comprises representatives from the Government, employers and unions.

“Tripartite partners in over 20 sectors are coming together to formulate the manpower development plans for their respective sectors,” said Mr Lim. “These plans will identify future directions for the economy, the future skills required of the workforce, and set out a systematic approach of upgrading the industry and the workforce.”

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