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SINGAPORE: Singapore companies say they are taking the necessary precautions against any Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) outbreak in the country, as South Korea continues to grapple with the disease.

The Association of Small and Medium Enterprises in Singapore is urging firms to draw on the experience of SARS, to start developing contingency plans.

One company, Best World International, which has its offices in South Korea, says it does direct sales of beauty and wellness products in Singapore. Its employees go there for meetings every two months. However, following the escalation of MERS in South Korea, it has cancelled all meetings there since a month ago.

A health advisory has also been issued to all staff reminding them to seek immediate medical attention should they feel unwell after any overseas travel.

A consultancy specialising in website and mobile applications design, The Adventus Consultants, is also paying close attention to the MERS situation on a daily basis. It says employees have been advised against visiting affected countries.

Ang Yuit, managing director for The Adventus Consultants and a council member of the Association of Small and Medium Enterprises says that what they do is to monitor people who travel and they are thinking of implementing a quarantine process.  

“If you do go to areas of high risk, we’ll have you work from home for a week, and then monitor the situation based on that. On top of that, we’re reviewing certain SOPs and procedures in terms of temperature taking and depending on the situation, to have that implemented should the situation get worse.”

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