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SINGAPORE: A total of 100 Singaporean coaches and referees will receive “expert training” from Premier League coaches from Arsenal, Everton, Stoke City and the Barclays Asia Trophy (BAT) officials, the British Council and the Premier League have announced.

The international coaching programme, Premier Skills, is here in Singapore for the first time. At the launch event on Saturday (Jul 11) at the Jalan Besar Stadium, Premier Skills was introduced with a new One Goal module on child nutrition. Stoke City manager Mark Hughes was the guest of honour at the event. 

The Premier Skills programme will give the coaches and referees “the skills and support to develop their own community football projects and to progress as coaches and referees”, according to a press release, while One Goal is a campaign that aims to use the power of football to raise awareness of child malnutrition in Asia.

The coaches from the Premier League are Johnnie Garside from Everton and Stoke City’s Warren Leat. Joining them as Premier Skills coach educators are Samuel Siew, Kelvin Chee, Patrick Loo, Dawinder Randhawa and Chun Keet Hee.

“The Premier Skills programme in Singapore provides a platform for those who participate to make a real difference in their communities, particularly in enabling participants to gain skills and knowledge from world-class coaches,” said Mr Roland Davies, country director for British Council Singapore.

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