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SINGAPORE: The men who tried to breach a checkpoint near where the Shangri-La Dialogue was taking place in May had acted in a “non-compliant, aggressive, and threatening manner”, said Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean in Parliament on Monday (Jul 13).

In the early hours of the morning on May 31, three Singaporean men in a Subaru Impreza defied orders to allow police to check the car boot at a highly-secured checkpoint. Instead, the driver crashed the car through the barricades. Police opened fire at the vehicle, and the driver was shot dead.

Mr Teo, who is also Home Affairs Minister, noted that the use of lethal force is provided for under the Criminal Procedure Code, and that the level of force used should be proportionate to the threat faced.

“In a situation where a driver ignores police’s repeated orders to stop, and crashes his vehicle through the concrete barriers, causing an imminent threat to lives, police’s procedure, as a last resort, is to open fire at the driver of the vehicle to neutralise the threat immediately to prevent it from causing danger to the event and the delegates and others involved in the event.” he said.

Mr Teo said the measures taken by the police were precise and their effect limited to the vehicle and those in it.

“They were stopped from penetrating into and posing a danger to an event which was assessed to be subject to a high level of threat. The vigilance, alertness and composure of our police officers in this incident reflect the high level of professionalism and skill which comes from realistic training and regular exercises to enhance their readiness and validate…

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