Rapper Lil Boosie reveals he has kidney cancer | Singapore Informer

Rapper Lil Boosie has revealed that he has cancer. The Louisiana rapper has faced his fare share of troubles in life — a few of them self-inflicted — but he’s now in a battle with his health. On Nov. 25, the 33-year-old rapper took to Instagram to asks his 2.1 million followers to pray for him in light of the news. “I need all my fans to pray for me,” he captioned a photo of him eating a meal. “Doctor just told me I have cancer on my kidneys.” According to TMZ, the announcement caught many people off guard, including his team who wasn’t happy with the reveal. He quickly deleted the caption but left the nondescript photo up. “Prayer is power,” he caption said, “that’s why I’m letting the world know. prayforboosie.” Just last year, Boosie, a diabetic, was released from prison after serving five years on a drug charge. He was also once indicted on a first-degree murder charge, too, but a jury found him not guilty. He is still on parole.

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