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Not since…well forever has checking out women been so wrong. That’s according to Singapore’s premier feminist group AWARE who is leading the charge against an advertisement from SAFRA. The SAFRA poster shows 2 men checking out a woman who is exercising in a SAFRA club and after the success of getting rid of the song “Purple Light”, AWARE is now campaigning against this advertisement from the official clubhouse of the Singapore Armed Forces. My reaction to this campaign is the same as the one I had with the “Purple Light” saga; are these women living in another world? Either that or none of the women in AWARE has ever step foot in a gym before in their life. As a guy who used to go to the gym, I can safely tell you checking out other people in the gym is part-and-parcel of the culture. Men check out men; men check out women; women check out men; women check out women; everyone does it. Not only that, it happen in every gym in the world. Beside that is the simple question of since when is checking out a girl sexist? That’s my biggest problem. From the advertisement, those 2 guys were at a distance away from the woman and are doing nothing but looking. It seem that as far as AWARE is concerned, just looking is enough. That’s right, nowadays you don’t need to catcall or whistle, just using your eyes is enough to be sexist. Women in Singapore are so virginal and pure, just looking is an offence big enough to have most of the blogsphere in Singapore in an uproar.

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