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It should have been an easy case where everyone can rally around. U.S Sgt Bowe Bergdahl, 28, was released by the Taliban on Saturday in exchange for five senior Afghan detainees held in Guantanamo Bay. This should have been a simple case of 2 sides in a war who decided it’s time to exchange prisoners. It happens all the time throughout history in almost every war ever fought by mankind. It’s normal. Except it seems in America! U.S President Barack Obama is being criticized for exchanging prisoners by his Republican opponents. They are claiming the president is “soft on terrorism” for making a deal to release 5 prisoners for one. First off; it’s not terrorism because the Taliban is fighting American forces who invaded Afghanistan in 2001. Yes, they have their reasons but an invasion is an invasion. Secondly, the U.S forces are pulling out. Thirdly, the alternative to prisoner exchange is to leave Sgt Bergdahl behind in Afghanistan. So I cannot understand how President Obama can be criticized for this deal. It is grossly unfair to him, to Sgt Bergdahl, and to all U.S servicemen currently serving their country throughout the world. President Obama’s opponents are openly saying it is okay to leave a solider behind just to score political points. They should be taken to task for this. Prisoners of war should NOT be a topic to score political points on. 

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