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The Role: The Pricing Analyst will work actively to engage assessment stakeholders and market participants across Asia. This engagement will include bilateral meetings with key industry sources as well as presentations. Given the Asian location of the editor, the position will be responsible for working with the various sectors on methodology changes, new price assessments, and discontinuations, assisting with internal logistics such as methodology document updates, creating codes and mockups with Editorial Operations and editing/review of subscriber notes where needed.

The Impact: The analyst will write and compile data for methodology white papers and position papers. The analyst will act a central player in support of Asian MOC process operations. The analyst will also assist the Price Group senior management in ensuring that key documents are archived, editorial practices across the organization are documented, and that a proper record is kept of key editorial decisions that can be used by all editorial staff, managers and compliance via the Methodology Tracking Tool.

The Skills: A detailed knowledge of the published assessment methodologies and the processes for executing changes to methodology and introduction of new price assessments would be essential for this role

Other responsibilities include:

  • Assist in coordinating the execution of Asian methodology changes and assist in the introduction of new price assessments
  • Engage externally with key participants and stakeholders through bilateral meetings and presentations
  • Lead and organize Price Group projects and initiatives in Asia
  • Analyze data and write analysis text for methodology white papers and position papers
  • Conduct assessment reviews and monitor assessment data quality for potential errors/misapplication of methodology
  • Gather information for counterparty acceptance reviews to share with senior Price Group members
  • Perform data and statistical analysis to support Price Group methodology R&D


  • The individual must have the ability to foster effective working relationships with Platts price reporting managers and staff as we aim to develop more robust documentation and processes
  • Good written and presentation skills are needed as the job involves a high level of internal and external communication
  • A good knowledge of Excel is required

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