Police issued 20 move-on orders since 2009: Iswaran | Singapore Informer

SINGAPORE: The police have issued 20 move-on orders since the Public Order Act was enacted in 2009.

Nineteen subjects of the orders complied while the remaining subject who did not was consequently arrested.

Second Minister for Home Affairs Mr S Iswaran said in Parliament on Tuesday (Jul 14) move-on orders have proven useful for the police to pre-emptively de-escalate potential public order situations. He said by issuing the move-on orders, police were able to stop potential illegal actions and disperse those involved without the need to effect arrests.

Under the Act, a police officer of or above the rank of sergeant could get a person or a group of people to leave a particular location and not return within a stated time, if they are suspected of behaving in a disorderly or disruptive manner, or if they are about to commit an offence, according to the Attorney-General’s Chambers’ website.

Before move-on orders were introduced, police could either warn an offender and follow-up with post-event investigations. This presented limited scope for officers to prevent incidents from escalating. 

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