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© Getty Images The Phoenix Suns need a better perimeter defender and should go after Josh Smith.

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The Phoenix Suns should bring in Josh Smith. His athleticism is off the charts. His defense can often be spectacular. His shot selection, well, the Detroit Pistons got rid of him and proceeded to crank out wins. After the NBA All-Star break the Phoenix Suns had the lowest three-point field goal percentage in the league.

It might seem strange to bring in a guy who takes many ill-advised threes. On the surface this seems like the last guy the Suns need. However, Smith was a major reason the Houston Rockets came back from a three-games-to-one deficit to the Los Angeles Clippers, to advance to the Western Conference Finals. He was the player Houston, and I’m sure many other teams, envisioned him being all along.

The Pistons are still writing Smith some fairly large checks. The Suns could offer him a discounted contract, or work a sign-and-trade deal with Houston. Before free agency started I wouldn’t have recommended this. However, the signing of Tyson Chandler has made me reconsider. The Suns with Smith and Chandler would most likely lead the league in blocks. Add to that, a very athletic guard combo, the Suns could actually be a good defensive team. A defensive anchor changes everything. The San Antonio Spurs for years were known for defense, but it has always been because of Tim Duncan.

Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili are able to gamble because Duncan is such a defensive stalwart. I’m not saying Tyson Chandler is Tim Duncan, as he doesn’t have near the offensive…

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