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by Wan Ting Koh MORE foreign students are going to international rather than public schools – but while Singaporeans may welcome the news (since it means more places for local children), it could mean it would be harder for the children and their families to integrate into society. According to the latest annual report released by the Council for Private Education, about 45,000 students were enrolled in international schools in Singapore last year as compared to two years ago when media reports placed the number at about 40,000 students. Parents interviewed by MSM appeared to link this increase in enrolment to the difficulty of getting their children enrolled in local schools, and that going to an international school was not their first choice. Dr Yvonne McNulty, an associate lecturer at RMIT University Singapore, said in the report that only one in three international students who try for a place in local schools gets offered one, and for most, “it is not a school of their choice”. Of those interviewed, four out of six expatriate parents said they opted for an international school after failing to get a place in local ones. How much more difficult is it, really, to get into a local school for foreigners? Since 2010, the Ministry of Education (MOE) has tightened the number of international and permanent resident (PR) students gaining entry into local primary schools. For primary one registration exercises, citizens are given an additional ballot slip while PRs are only given one, so citizens have a higher chance of securing a place for their child in a school of their choice. International…

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