Miriam Yeung and Husband Receive Differential Treatment from Son | Singapore Informer

(Hong Kong July 16, 2015) Miriam Yeung showed up at an art exhibition in the Tsim Sha Tsui district. She took pictures with two children and was happy to be presented with a secret gift. She revealed that she had arranged some swimming and tennis classes for her son Torres during his summer vacation. When asked if she missed the time with her children due to her work, she said guiltily, “My son starts to show his emotions and does not like me to use make up because it means I need to go out to work.” She hoped that she might find time to be with her son in Christmas. Miriam teased that her son treated her and her husband differently. When she came back home, her son would throw himself into her arms immediately; when her husband came home, her son would refuse to kiss him and urge his father to kiss his elder sister.

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