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Let me say this upfront; I don’t understand why there’s a need for another reboot of Spiderman. Actor Tom Holland has been cast as Peter Parker in Marvel’s latest version of Spiderman and I thought the move (and the

reboot) wasn’t necessary.

However, Marvel then got fans in an uproar because they cast Marisa Tomei as Peter Parker’s mild manner Aunt May. In case you did not know, this is

Marisa Tomei!

You have to admit, Ms. Tomei is one sexy 50 year-old but…Aunt May? Now I think Marisa Tomei is a very good actress (My Cousin Vinny, The Wrestler) but if she managed to pull off Aunt May, she deserved another Oscar to put alongside the one she won for My Cousin Vinny. I just can’t see her as Aunt May. To me, this is a serious case of an actress miscast for a role that’s not

right for her. Sexy, slutty Marisa Tomei as a character that’s usually a mild mannered, understanding, quiet woman? I can’t see it.

However I would like to be proven wrong. Like I said earlier, Marisa Tomei is very good so hopefully she will surprise all of us. After all, she has to be better than Emilia Clarke

as Sarah Conner right?

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