Maria Komissarova; Stay Strong | Singapore Informer

Maria Komissarova has been having a bad month. At the start of February, she was a freestyle skier going to represent Russia in the Sochi Winter Olympics, but by the end of February she could face paralysis from the waist down. Severely injured on a practice run on 15th Feb, Komissarova, 23, has publicly wrote on her Instagram account that she could not “feel my body lower than my belly button.” According to reports, Komissarova fractured her 12th dorsal vertebrae, located in her lower back, and a six hours emergency surgery had to be done to implant a metal rod into her spine. The day after her crash and surgery, she was airlifted to Germany for further treatment. Unfortunately it seems there’s little the doctors there could do for her.  Like I posted before, I have little interest in the Winter Olympics but it’s always a sad thing when athletes get hurt. Worse is the fact she never even got to race in the Olympics, she was injured before her race even started. Maria Komissarova; stay strong and get well soon. 

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