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Lady Gaga often dreams about the time when she could “walk freely down the streets”.

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The Bad Romance singer has millions of fans around the world who follow her every move. While the 29-year-old loves to put on a show for her little monsters, the star sometimes catches herself thinking back to a time when she was just another face in a crowd.

“During all the long car rides, I dream about my former life. Walking freely down the streets,” she wrote on Instagram Monday June 8. “And then, in a moment I am deeply grateful. With all this attention now, what will I say. How will I change the world. What will my music contribute to humanity.(sic)”

Gaga wrote her thoughts alongside a picture of her in the back of her chauffeur driven car while drinking from a mug. With her chin resting on her hand, and a pair of shades covering her eyes, the singer looked both cool and contemplative.

The star is currently in the English capital getting ready to perform alongside her Cheek to Cheek collaborator Tony Bennett at the Royal Albert Hall. Alongside another shot from the back of her car, Gaga thanked her supporters for camping out in front of her hotel.

“Coffee w/ monsters outside the Langham. London punk babies lined up celebrating our return to one another. You give me so much energy, I can’t wait to perform for you with Tony tonight,” she wrote. “And I dream of the morning we share in my new music together. When the new era of Monsters begins again. And the cycle continues.(sic)”

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