Kim Sung Joo and Yoona to Host ‘2015 MBC Music Festival’ | Singapore Informer

MBC confirmed the MCs for ‘2015 MBC Music Festival’: Kim Sung Joo and Yoona of Girls’ Generation. Kim Sung Joo got to take the MC spot for three years in a row as he raised his reputation with his own friendly and comfortable hosting ability. Moreover, Yoona of Girls’ Generation also was chosen as the MC this year, so the audiences are anticipating for their synergy. This is their second time to host an event together. In August, the two got a big applause from the mass public at ‘MBC 2015 DMZ Peace Concert’ although it was their first time to work together. ‘2015 MBC Music Festival’ is designed as ‘Music-pedia’ as the event pursues a music show that all the generations can enjoy. Moreover, as various music contents from MBC programs such as ‘I Am Singer’, ‘Infinite Challenge-Saturday Saturday Singers’, ‘King of Masked Singer’ and others received lots of love from the mass public, their anticipations are getting higher for the event’s special stages. Meanwhile, ‘2015 MBC Music Festival’ will air on December 31. (photo by MBC)

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