Kelly Chen Ready for Concert at Hong Kong Coliseum | Singapore Informer

(Hong Kong November 24, 2015) The 1st time in 7 years, Kelly Chen would perform again on the stage of the Hong Kong Coliseum. To present the best of her, Kelly started to practice dancing and singing 2 months in advance. Her condition was so good when practicing that it would be OK even if her concert were tomorrow. She herself thought her physical strength was better than she had been before giving birth to her children, and she joked that she might have to thank for the training with her children. In addition to new dancing skills, she would try something new for her costume. She said nervously, “One of the dresses has a slit from the top to the bottom and it’s transparent in the middle.” She admitted that she was exhausted when she first started the training and asked her husband to massage her body, but he pressed too hard and it wasn’t comfortable at all.

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