Karen Mok Turns Life’s Significant Elements into a Necklace | Singapore Informer

(Hong Kong December 15, 2015) In the 20 years of Karen Mok’s career as a singer and actress, her glorious achievement and personal appeal have been acknowledged by the general public. To keep the most significant elements of Karen’s life as a token, her friend the Hong Kong designer Tina Liu made a necklace that comprised a clapperboard, high heels, a microphone, a Chinese zither and a black bear, etc., a total of 7 symbols. It included almost everything except her husband, so Karen said smilingly that there might be a 2nd design in the future. She had been busy working all this year to compensate the 3 months off last year. Since the launch of her tour, she had not been able to go back to England in 4 months, and her husband had to fly from there to meet her during the tour. Although her tour was not yet finished, she managed to find some time with her husband and his family for Christmas, “Christmas is an important holiday for them, and I am glad that I can celebrate it with them.”

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