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Sometimes our religious friends get upset when we use phrases like, “Omigod, they increased the freaking Minimum Sum again!” Just because of three letters, we are accused of as calling on the name of The Lord in vain. One citizen was apparently hauled into court for the mere mention of a politician’s name.

Thank God Mercifully, Judicial Commissioner Lee Kim Shin trashed the lawsuit that was the gag order that went awry. True, as the defendant acknowledged, there was a written revised agreement – price for her paid silence – stipulating that she was not allowed to say anything scandalous, untrue or defamatory about the plaintiff and the her family. That’s not the same as talking publicly about members of the dysfunctional family.  Such as passing comment on a parliamentary question about public housing prices which was broached by one daughter-in-law Foo Mee Har.

Clearly the good judge, like any fair minded citizen, saw nothing scandalous, untrue or defamatory about Foo’s presence in parliament. Nobody pays serious attention to the stories of her near miraculous instant citizenship and party membership, or her hubby’s monetary tussles with her employer bank. Similarly, nobody can be fooled by the argument that Madam Tan will not be able to live the rest of her long life “in peace and privacy” because of an innocent passing remark on some obscure social media page.

The defendant was understandably relieved, “It’s like a burden has been lifted as this case has been going on for a year and a half”. Consider this: for 1 1/2 years, the foreigner welcomed for her talent, into the country and into parliament, could not see through the waste of time and money expended on a frivolous litigation. If she can’t provide decent advice for a little old lady, can she come up with meaningful contribution to the constructive politics of our country? The jury could be out for this.

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