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You will be a key player in the new Global Sales organization, where you, with reference to the Global Sales Director will support the organization on both strategic and operational levels. The Group has introduced different management tools, which is part of securing the necessary focus in the local sales organizations. You will be an important figure in the incorporation of these tools, and not at least secure, that the local sales organizations understand and appreciate the value of using them to secure the growth, that our client is looking for over the next few years. Current focus on growth plans and follow up on these in close cooperation with the local managers is a key part of this job, also you will bring concrete suggestions to how they can optimize growth possibilities in close coordination with the Groups strategy. You will be the link between Global Sales and the rest of the organization and evaluate the efforts made in the different regions and hereby identify growth possibilities. You will secure that the rest of the organization support these efforts both on the strategic and the operational level with a clear focus on the actual needs in the different regions. To reach the growth expectations it’s vitally important that the best possible conditions is secured for the local sales organizations. It takes a close coordination and implementation of these actions, as well as the will and ability to show how the tools can be used successfully.

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