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By Jada Wong, Ben Ritter, Lindsey Williams at Kate Ryan, Anna Webber, Fleury Rose, Katie Long, Liliana / Wilhelmina, Isabelle Sauer / Elite Models, Samantha Xu / Muse Management
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We thought we were so prepared for the summer party season this year. Outfits were planned and sandals were broken in, but when the time came for the first outdoor bash, we realized we forgot to consider one thing: our hair. Instead of relying on muscle memory and settling for another pony, we chatted with hairstylist Lindsey Williams for three party-ready looks that are mere twists on everyday ‘dos. To get them, all it took were a few extra plaits here, a couple of twists there, and some essentials from Pantene. And, since we’re nothing if not helpful, we’re showing you all the steps straight ahead. From a hybrid braid that’s perfect for that college reunion to a knotted pony that’s low-key but cool enough for a casual get-together, these are your answers for every party dress hair code. So, where’s our invite?

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