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© Shutterstock/Wanderlust Child monk statues, South East Asia.

As we grow up we learn to put away our childish dreams, and we tell ourselves it’s alright to lose the wonder. We write our excuses, shrink to fit and tell ourselves we are sensible to ask for so little of life, because we are now wise and rational.

And then we spend our lives in a box of our own making, being told at every turn to think outside it.

But it doesn’t have to be this way; kids who travel don’t have to think outside any box, they are living out there in a field beyond the confines of conformity. When we travel with them we are growing them free range, making any box small and insignificant.

For children it is natural to be engaged: the world is fresh and wondrous, a place full of discovery and adventure. It is us who have to be careful not to fold down the flaps around them and seal the edges with tape.

The more experiences we can give our children, the less likely they are to lower their expectations. The more they brush up against different cultures, the more expansive their own idea of ‘normal’ becomes.

If we want our children to have the ability to think differently, more creatively, then we need to give them lots of immersive experiences. And quite simply, travel is the most comprehensive and rich encounter we can give them.

If we want fully-engaged, resourceful, centered, and wise children, then travel with them for these reasons – formulated over the centuries by some of the deepest thinkers in the world.

1. “Every head must do its own thinking”

– African proverb

Too often we are giving our children answers to…

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