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SINGAPORE: The People’s Action Party (PAP) on Thursday (Aug 27) announced that grassroots volunteer Cheryl Chan will be its candidate to contest the revived Fengshan Single Member Constituency (SMC) in the General Election (GE).

First-timer Ms Chan, 39, is a member of the PAP Women’s Wing and works as the head of secondary industries at chemicals firm Linde Gas.

She said during the press briefing that her mother taught her to be humble, before serving. “That the amount of emphasis on character that she put, and that has stayed with me.”

“I hope more people will take efforts to look beyond themselves, speak up for the right causes and take the first step to reach out to those who need more support,” said Ms Chan.

“With more people in the community having positive shared values and paying it forward, we can certainly achieve more together – united and as a caring nation.”

She recounted one of her first experiences at a Meet-the-People session, when she met a mother of four, including one with disabilities. The family was struggling, and the mother wanted to stop education for her children. She then worked with various agencies to ensure the children continued their education.

“I met them two years ago, and the eldest son was just starting university. Seeing this was what truly brings me joy,” she said. 

Before being carved out of the East Coast Group Representation Constituency (GRC) for this year’s polls on Sep 11, the Fengshan ward was overseen by Mr Raymond Lim, who earlier this month announced his retirement from politics.

On Mr Lim, Ms Chan said: “I could not ask for a better mentor.” This…

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