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Do you envy your pal because they boast about how they can eat anything they want due to their fast metabolism? We hear you, and have come up with some ways in which you too can show off about your speedy metabolism.

This process refers to the chemical happenings that take place all the time in your body to keep your organs performing as best as they can (e.g. lungs and breathing). The chemicals require energy to work on top form, so to boost your metabolism, energy is needed!

A high metabolism doesn’t mean that you can stuff your face with as many treats and snacks as you like though. If you feel satisfied by what you’re currently eating (and it’s healthy, balanced and a good amount) then don’t think about changing your habits.

Choose chewy foods

The more work your body takes to digest food, the more calories you burn. For example, recommends fruits, vegetables and whole grains as the ideal options to make your mouth put more effort in. And with high-fibre levels, they’ll require more energy to digest, so keep things raw wherever you can to achieve this extra effort.

Keep active

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This is a key part in boosting your metabolism, as what good will come from sitting about all the time if you want to lose weight/maintain your trim figure? The more you’re on your feet and burning calories, the more energy will be poured into speeding up your bodily functions – especially digesting. A good way to ensure this happens is doing some push-ups before eating. If at home or a friend’s place and you have the space, give this…

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