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Questions tabled in Parliament have made Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong reveal that the Electoral Boundaries Review Committee (EBRC) was already formed two months ago.

This is the surest sign that general elections are not just imminent but on the horizon.

What does this mean and what can Singaporeans expect? We break down the GE timeline for you.

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First things first: The law requires the next GE to be held by January 2017. This is based on a five-year term for every Parliament and a three-month deadline for elections after it is dissolved.

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Electoral roll

In February 2014, PM Lee first instructed the Elections Department to prepare the country’s list of voters. Such an exercise is necessary ahead of elections, but it was seen as routine because the law requires the list to be updated within three years after a GE.

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PM Lee called for another round of updates to the voter list this February. On hindsight, the exercise has finalised the eligible voters for the upcoming elections, taking into consideration, for example, those turning 21, new citizens, overseas citizens and those who failed to vote previously.

Rumours of a coming election gather speed, with many speculating that the government would ride on the positive climate of 2015, Singapore’s jubilee year.

Cabinet reshuffle

In April, PM Lee made his latest Cabinet reshuffle, most significantly rotating his young ministers Tan…

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