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SINGAPORE: Police on Sunday (Aug 30) issued a traffic and security advisory for Nomination Day held on Sep 1.

The Nomination Centres will be open from 10am and supporters and members of the public are advised to only arrive at the Centres after that time. Nomination proceedings will start from 11am, said the police.

Parking is prohibited at the Centres and candidates are reminded to arrive early, it added.

Police said that they will be stepping up deployment and conducting security checks in and around the Centres.

“Bags and other belongings brought into the Nomination Centres will be subject to security checks. Supporters and members of the public are advised not to bring along items such as sharp object(s), flammable liquids or gas, bulky items or big bags,” the advisory said.

No placards, flags, or banners of any candidate will be allowed to be displayed at the Nomination Centres before the close of nomination proceedings. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or drones are also not allowed in the Centres as they could “endanger public safety”, it added.

“The police will monitor the law and order situation closely, and will not hesitate to take action against any person who is unruly or who commits any offence at the Nomination Centre,” according to the advisory. 

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