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SINGAPORE: It has been about three months since a new liquor law was introduced, exerting tougher controls on the supply and consumption of alcohol in public places in Singapore.

As of Jun 30, more than 460 people have been caught by the police for consuming liquor in public areas during restricted hours and have been issued advisories, although the police noted that this number has been on the decline.

Five were also arrested for refusing to comply with police advice to stop drinking in public. Two were given stern warnings, while the remaining three are still under investigation.

Mdm Lim Siew Choo, 67, has been running a coffeeshop in Jurong West for 25 years. She said things have improved after tougher controls on alcohol sale and consumption were introduced in April.

The new laws only allow the sale of take-away alcohol until 10.30pm. Alcohol also cannot be consumed in public places between 10.30pm and 7am.

Mdm Lim said: “I used to come to the coffeeshop on tenterhooks each morning, not sure if there were drunkards causing a scene, or if there were fights, or people sleeping at the tables. I had to call the police five or six times a month, but now not anymore.”

Drinking can continue beyond 10.30pm in licensed premises such as coffeeshops and bars. But while Mdm Lim’s liquor licence runs till midnight, she has decided to stop selling alcohol at 10.30pm.

“Before 10.30pm, the servers will ask the customers if they want more alcohol. It’s affected business more or less, but for safety reasons, we don’t want to sell alcohol till too late,” she said.

Some retailers also said business has been affected….

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