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It’s close to the end of the year and you know what that means – flu season. Yep, in Singapore, flu season is typically from December to February and from May to July. So if you’re planning to travel, then you might want to visit a doctor and get a flu vaccine now. Don’t worry, flu vaccination is pretty cheap in Singapore. However, what your wallet should be worried about is where you get the vaccine – from a polyclinic or from a private doctor? Which is going to save you more? Well… the answer should be obvious, right? It doesn’t take a genius to know that a polyclinic is going to be significantly cheaper than visiting a private medical clinic. Just how much cheaper is a polyclinic compared to a private clinic? Before we get into the details, remember that these prices are for the most basic of consultations. I’m not referring to the many health subsidy programmes that the Singapore government offers under the Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS). Those subsidies can apply to patients of General Practitioners who are under the programme. For medical consultations for Singapore Citizens, a polyclinic charges about $12 per visit. This amount is less for children under 18, and elderly above 55, at about $6.50 per visit. Permanent Residents and non-Residents will need to pay non-subsidised fees, regardless of age. Some Polyclinic also have a Family Physician Clinic. This are for patients with certain chronic diseases like asthma or hypertension who would like to have a specific doctor assigned to them, to treat them regularly. This continuity of care comes with a higher price, though…

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