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Dylan Penn Sean Penn’s daughter still thinks Charlize Theron is “the best.” Dylan Penn insists she is on very good terms with the 39-year-old actress even though the ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ star ended her relationship with the 54-year-old actor in May after approximately 18 months of dating. Asked about the Oscar-winning beauty, the 24-year-old model said: “She’s the best. She’s hilarious. She’s very bold, in the best way.” Dylan, who is Sean’s daughter with ex-wife Robin Wright, previously praised Charlize for being “the only woman since my mom who can shut my dad up.” Cracks are said to have first started to appear in Sean and Charlize’s romance shortly after they returned to Los Angeles from filming their upcoming movie ‘The Last Face’ in South Africa, but Dylan insists the film, which her father directed and stars Charlize, is “a masterpiece.” She told UsMagazine.com: “He just went back to South Africa [to do] reshoots for his movie that he did a couple months back. His life is this movie. I’ve seen pieces of it, and it’s a masterpiece.” Meanwhile, Dylan is very proud of Robin for earning a Lead Actress Emmy nomination for her work in ‘House of Cards’ this week. She said: “She deserves it. I haven’t even talked to her today. I tried to reach her, and she’s always busy. She’s either directing and acting or… ‘House of Cards’ takes up her life. So maybe [I’ll congratulate her] tomorrow.”

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