Diabetic man left in hospital after prolonged consumption of black pill from 'Pusat Rawatan Darul Ilaaj' | Singapore Informer

A black pill used as a remedy for body aches and for general well-being is prohibited from sale by the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) after it left a man in hospital. The black pills from ‘Pusat Rawatan Darul Ilaaj’ (Darul Ilaaj Treatment Centre) were found to contain undeclared potent medicinal ingredients, including a steroid. “Prolonged use of these black pills, which are labelled to be of herbal origin, can lead to serious adverse reactions,” said HSA in a press release. Adverse reactions indeed — a diabetic man in his 50s was hospitalised for uncontrolled hypertension and Cushing’s syndrome after he consumed the pills in subject for quite some time.

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