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© Getty Images The Cleveland Cavaliers were reportedly interested in trading for Jamal Crawford, but he may not be available after the Clippers re-signed DeAndre Jordan.

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Who wasn’t glued to Twitter last night as the insanity that was DeAndre Jordan’s free agency circus unfolded? The emojis, the Los Angeles Clippers barricade, Chris Broussard claiming Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban was driving relentlessly through Houston trying to find Jordan’s house. It was essentially reality TV, perhaps even more of a sideshow than that.

As Jordan ended it all by reneging on his verbal agreement with the Mavericks and re-signing with L.A., I couldn’t help but wonder how it all affected the Cleveland Cavaliers. Naturally, they didn’t have one bit of rooting interest in where Jordan ended up. However, make no mistake, Jordan returning to the Clippers does have an impact on the Cavs’ free agency moves from here on out.

We all remember Cleveland has a massive trade chip in the form of Brendan Haywood’s contract. Per the latest reports, the Cavs were talking with a few different teams to see who’d like to send some assets in exchange for the opportunity to waive Haywood and clear $10.5 million in cap space.

One of those teams was the Clippers, and the asset in question was Jamal Crawford. As I wrote Tuesday, Crawford would be a perfect fit for Cleveland. His bench scoring would be huge for a team which ran short of options during the NBA Finals. His age (35) might have been a red flag to some, but the Cavs and Crawford would be a solid match regardless.

Well, this…

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