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by Wan Ting Koh SO, IN a rare case before the courts, someone was actually dealt the mandatory death penalty. What’s worse, that someone was a policeman, Iskandar Rahmat, who abused his official status and his investigation know-how to dupe a 67-year-old to part with the belongings in a safe deposit box before killing the old man – and his 42-year-old son. Justice Tay Yong Kwang went over what is known as the Kovan murders, listing all of its horrifying details as well as where the prosecution and the defence differed on the facts, before he handed down the sentence. He did not believe Iskandar’s assertions of self-defence nor that he had merely wanted to do a grab-and-run. In fact, he rubbished Iskandar’s supposed getaway plan as “inane”. It was the great acting and meticulous planning on Iskandar’s part on July 10,2013, that, among other things, made the judge doubt the 36-year-old divorcee’s version of what later happened at Mr Tan Boon Sin’s Hillside Drive house, where the killings took place. The judge said that the grab-and-run plan “involved so many contingencies that only a very foolish prospective thief would adopt it”. Iskandar had said he had planned to grab the bag of valuables, get out of the house, sprint past several buildings and hail a cab. In broad daylight. “The accused did not appear to me to be such a foolish person. He would not have come up with such an inane plan. He claimed in court that he was going to take things as they happened, improvising along the way…His attitude about his escape plan after the intended theft stood in stark contrast to the…

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