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by Bertha Henson If there’s one ward which had both sides directly challenging each other, it’s Holland-Bukit Timah GRC. The People’s Action Party slate fired the first salvo as soon as nominations closed on Tuesday denouncing the Singapore Democratic Party’s economic proposals as well as referring to the chequered political history of Dr Chee Soon Juan. The SDP quickly responded with a press statement, criticising Dr Balakrishnan accusation that SDP wanted to pave the way for Singapore to be like Greece. The fight has continued with Dr Chee Soon Juan taking to the stage twice yesterday, at the lunchtime rally at UOB Plaza and later at night. He said it was “a bit rich” that the PAP incumbent Vivian Balakrishnan was talking about SDP’s “tax and spend” proposals, when he himself overspent on the organisation of the Youth Olympics by $300m. Dr Chee, who was unable to compete in the last two GEs because of bankruptcy and who has had numerous run-ins with the law, said: “Reputation is temporary, character is permanent. SDP is a party of character. I believe that character is the most important trait you need to look for in an MP.” Last night, the PAP upped the ante by contending that the SDP was more interested in the glamour of being in Parliament than catering to the needs of the residents. PAP candidate Liang Eng Hwa reminded the crowd at Commonwealth Avenue about how the SDP wanted to contest Punggol East in the 2013 by-election and had proposed working with WP. If elected, the SDP had said its members will speak in Parliament while WP could run the town council. WP did not…

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