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SINGAPORE: Five recommendations to raise public awareness of internet parental control services and to make it easier for parents to access such tools have been finalised and are expected to take effect by end-2016, the Media Development Authority (MDA) said on Tuesday (Jul 14). 

MDA said following feedback received from the industry and the public, including up to 20 written responses as well as seven focus group sessions conducted with the public, it has announced its finalised recommendations. 

The five recommendations are: 

  • Subscription process – MDA will require ISPs to get their subscribers’ decision on whether they want to subscribe to optional internet parental controls at the point of their subscription, or within 14 days from signing the contract. 
  • Subscription costs – New and re-contracting subscribers will be offered a one-time free trial of internet parental controls for six months, or half the term of their contracts, whichever is shorter. ISPs will need to obtain consent from subscribers before any subsequent charges can be levied after trial period. 
  • Content filtering by default – MDA will require ISPs to filter by default content containing “sexually explicit material, violence and gore” for subscribers who opt for internet parental controls. 
  • Network level filtering – The authority will proceed with its initial recommendation that parental controls be deployed at the network level, which will make it easier for less technologically-savvy parents and households with multiple web-enabled devices to use the controls. 
  • Technical assistance – ISPs should provide “reasonable technical…

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