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Apple’s playbook is famous at this point. It finds a market that isn’t living up to its potential — MP3 players, smartphones, tablets — and then marches in late with something way better that ends up bringing in way more money than anyone has ever made in that field before. It’s a challenging strategy that relies on Apple’s ability to regularly create remarkable products, but it’s one that’s been working for over a decade. And today, we learned about Apple’s latest target: the streaming music business.

It’s about time Apple got started on streaming

This is an area that Apple, by many accounts, should have entered years ago. Spotify has been establishing itself for nine years; Rdio has been scraping by for almost five years; and even Google has been on the scene for two. But as digital music sales really start to decline, it’s finally time for Apple to replace them. Subscription streaming services appear to be the future. To reach most consumers, they’re the obvious choice.

But in making its new streaming service, Apple Music, Apple isn’t playing by its typical playbook. It’s playing by the rules that it turns to when there isn’t much else to do: cutting deals. And not just deals that are favorable exclusively to its own success — it wants labels to cut off Spotify’s free, ad-supported streaming option, which would only be detrimental to consumers.

© Provided by The Verge

That’s probably because it’s hard to make a music service stand out when, for the most part, there’s little…

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